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Known to many agents as the realtor’s realtor®, active agents often turn to him for guidance and advice, even retired agents turn to him to handle their real estate transactions and those of their family members.



There are thousands of real estate agents serving Austin and the surrounding areas but only a precious few have over 35 years of construction and real estate experience. Fewer still have actually built homes and duplexes themselves, and have the intimate knowledge of what it takes to build a quality home.

A University of Texas at Austin grad (BBA, MBA), in addition to having a successful real estate practice, Bobby has also created and is the CEO of his own highly successful real estate trust. Because of his continuing ties to residential construction – Bobby also maintains excellent relationships with outstanding contractors and construction crews.

He’s seen Austin change dramatically over the last 31 years, through real estate booms and busts, watched neighborhoods go up and down, saw first hand how homes held up or fell apart over the years, carefully noting which builders built a great quality home, and those that fell sadly short.

Whether buying or selling a home, he’s one of the very few who can provide the critical insider information that’s desperately needed in buying/selling a home successfully and smoothly, regardless of economic and market cycles.

In the late 1990’s, he was asked to mentor a handful of new agents to provide critical information such as detailed intelligence on areas and builders, the strategies and art of negotiating successfully, and the quality of homes and neighborhoods for various areas in and around Austin. One of those mentored became the Keller Williams Rookie Agent of the Year – Nationally. Sadly, because of time constraints, Bobby restricts his mentoring to his clients only.


Call Bobby at (512) 789-3332, and take advantage of an award winning, highly lauded agent. You will discover, just as many of his clients have, that his formidable skills and phenomenal experience can be put to tremendous effect in the marketing and advertising of your home – helping you get the most for your home, regardless of the economic cycle.

A master strategist and tactician, home sellers have repeatedly counted on Bobby’s skills and experience in developing the tailored marketing plans to successfully price, prepare, showcase, advertise and sell their home. Bobby will make sure you know exactly how your transaction is going, and will carefully guide you from beginning to end.

WHAT ARE HOME SELLERS SAYING ABOUT BOBBY? The following excerpts are from actual letters received by Keller Williams Realty Management:

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the extraordinary hard work Robert (Bobby) Mello did selling our home…Bobby was extremely professional and always a fiduciary for us, keeping our interest in mind. His persistence and expertise sold our home in a short time during a very difficult market. It was a pleasure to have a real estate professional working for us with such diligence and knowledge. We have already recommended Bobby to everyone we know in the home market…”      Susan and Tim H.

“At the initial interview with you, we were very pleased with all of the research and logistics presented concerning our ‘fit’ within the neighborhood and within the Austin Market, etc. The impressive ‘education’ that you gave us on the history, current status and future expectations for the Austin housing market was greatly appreciated. As you were told then, there was no reason for us to look any further. We knew for sure you would do a great job of selling a great house. And that is just what you did! We truly appreciate the fast work and the quick communications you maintained. We thought the house was advertised and presented well in the flyers, video, etc. Your advice to us on how to present it certainly paid off. A house priced right, a contract in four days and a closing in 18 days. What more could we ask? Thanks for all that you did to make this as pleasant a journey as we could have ever hoped for, and especially for getting us the price that you did…”     Rita C. and Mary W.

“We just wanted to again express our thanks for all your diligent efforts to get our house SOLD! We are most appreciative for all the open houses, signs, balloons, etc. along with your strategic planning to get a done deal! Thank you!” Ann & Harvey H.

“From the beginning he was there when we needed him. We could reach him whenever we needed to. He worked with us professionally and courteously from the sale of our old home to the purchase of our new home. We really appreciated his kindness and valued opinions along the way…” Marie B.

“Bobby was energetic, sensitive, and thoroughly competent. He responded quickly and professionally to all our needs and requests. While he was thoroughly prepared, he was also open to our suggestions…With Bobby’s help, we found our dream house, and sold our house in one day at a very good price. All of this took place within a two month period, thanks to Bobby’s energy and enthusiasm for his work. We would unhesitatingly recommend Bobby to friends who were looking for a Realtor®...” Holly B. & Matt K. 

Finally, here’s a letter from Shawn, the son of a successful Dallas Realtor:

“Bobby recently helped me sell my house on Aster Pass. I was discouraged and in a rough place when I decided to trust in Bobby. He told me that he could help me, and to trust in him – That he wanted to help me do the impossible, and that is what he did! His knowledge and business savvy was amazing, but his talent is lifting people to a higher level. ‘Sealing the Deal’ is great, but when people walk away knowing that they were cared for and shown true dedication to their best interest…well that something else entirely! I am one of the ones who feel forever changed – going through this process with Bobby. I am lucky! He took me by the hand and walked me through it. Through a process that can be frightening and leave you feeling helpless. I listened to his suggestions, followed his instructions, and my house only showed 3 days! It closed in less than 30 days! I will refer him indefinitely! I envy Bobby’s next clients!” Shawn C.

ARE YOU NEW TO AUSTIN? ARE YOU A FIRST TIME HOME BUYER? You’ll have questions, call Bobby at (512)789-3332 for the answers.

Of all the people involved in real estate, first time home buyers, and those buyers new to Austin, are the most vulnerable – and will have the most to benefit from Bobby’s help. Bobby will carefully guide them through the entire process so they know not only what to do and when to do it, but what to watch out for (an absolute must in today’s problematic financial arena). Buyers will be amazed by Bobby’s incredible knowledge of the builders, the quality of their homes, how they’ve aged over the years, and how the neighborhoods have improved or declined over the years, and a host of other absolutely critical pieces of intelligence each buyer needs to make the right home choice.

Bobby strongly believes in mentoring his clients, training them to look at the property objectively from several perspectives:

  1. Builder View: What is the property like in terms of construction quality? Who built it? Was it a good builder during this era? What are the strengths? What are the problems we should watch out for?
  2. Architectural Perspective: How well is it designed? Is the home plan well balanced? Does it flow evenly, or is it all walls, halls and rambling? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What are people looking for? Trends?
  3. Pre-Inspection View: What should we be looking for in terms of structural problems? Termite Problems? What can we expect from this home? What problems are predominant in this area? What are the problems that are typical for this for this builder, for this neighborhood?
  4. Realtor® View: How much is this house really worth? How much can we get them to come off the price, etc? How has the neighborhood fared over the last few years? Why would someone want to buy this home from me years later?
  5. Contractor/Repair Perspective: What are some of the major repairs that have to be made? How much will they cost? Who can we trust to do them?

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Bobby understood years ago that it’s not just the right house at the right price, but the Buyer must be ready to buy. Although reasons vary, often first time home buyers hesitate because they just don’t have enough knowledge and/or experience to confidently make a decision one way or another. This is absolutely normal, and the only cure is Bobby’s patient, fun, hands on approach in training his buyers to think like a home builder, inspector, real estate agent, etc. and deconstruct every home that is toured. As the buyer tours property after property, neighborhood after neighborhood, they will soon develop the knowledge and confidence they need in finding and purchasing “THE” home.

WHAT DO FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS AND BUYERS NEW TO AUSTIN HAVE TO SAY ABOUT WORKING WITH BOBBY? The following excerpts are from actual letters received by Keller Williams Realty Management:

“You did a wonderful job. We are living in a home that we thoroughly enjoy for a price that leaves us money to play with…Thank you for being so patient with us and all of our questions. Being first time home buyers can be overwhelming. You worked around our hectic schedules, and we especially appreciate that. Again thank you so much for everything. We will definitely try to send people your way.”         Marla & Dave F.

 “We are new to the Austin area and were uncertain of where to search for a home. Bobby listened to us describe our ideal home setting and he was invaluable in helping target the neighborhoods and home styles that fit our interests and needs. Bobby’s experience was also very important in helping us find the high quality construction we were seeking. Bobby made our home search process fun, informative, and productive. Bobby acted quickly and capably once we found our perfect home. He handled the negotiations like a pro! He guided us through the entire process and we’re now the proud home owners of the most beautiful home we could have imagined. We offer our sincere thanks to Bobby Mello and Keller Williams for handling the home purchase transaction in a professional manner, while also treating us with care and compassion. Thank you!”   Scott M. & Jeri M.

“We met Bobby at an open house where he me impressed us with his knowledge and willingness to share it with us. Bobby continued to share his knowledge on every home walk-through and we appreciated his honest and fair assessment of each home. As first time homebuyers we were new to the process and required some extra hand holding. Bobby always listened to what was important to us and responded to our every request…We were very pleased with Bobby’s representation. He secured the deal for us and stayed on top of all the in and outs of the process. We especially appreciated his availability throughout the process and willingness to talk through our many questions.”      Amber G.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Keller Williams Realty for the extraordinary service provided by Bobby Mello on our behalf in helping us find and purchase our first home. Mr. Mello tirelessly showed us home after home during our extended search, patiently educating us every step of the way. When we finally found THE house, Bobby’s real estate expertise and outstanding negotiation skills secured it for us an exceptional price…We have no doubt that you also recognize Bobby’s deep industry knowledge, high ethical standards, and unwavering ability to exceed his clients’ expectations. He proved himself a reliable confidant who unfailingly kept our best interest in mind. In short, we cannot recommend Bobby Mello highly enough.” Cleo & Stephen P.


Even experienced home buyers and sellers noticed immediately how different Bobby is from all the other agents. His vast knowledge, experience and background combined with his phenomenal enthusiasm and work ethic set Bobby completely apart from all the other agents. Often, they are quick to comment on this. Once more, the following excerpts are from actual letters sent to Keller Williams Realty Management:

“I would like to highly commend Bobby Mello for his willingness to share his wealth of professional knowledge and especially for his patience while working with a couple of neophytes. Bobby was the second realtor® we contacted after a disappointing first encounter. We never considered calling another. He would be our only choice in the future.”  William W.

“My wife and I would like to make you aware that our house hunting experience with your agent Bobby Mello was outstanding. Monica and I have dealt with many realtors® over the years and have never before had the benefit of someone who worked as hard on our behalf. Not only that, but Bobby gave us an education in home construction, home buying in general, and home buying in Austin that was so empowering we are looking at all of Bobby’s predecessors with a suspicious eye. Why didn’t they furnish us with such a comprehensive education? The fact that Bobby is friendly, outgoing and personable are just icing on the cake. We would not hesitate to use Bobby’s services again and would recommend him to other home buyers and sellers with utmost confidence.” Richard and Monica C.

“I just wanted to let you know what an asset you have in Robert (Bobby) Mello. We were in the process of getting our house ready to market but had not yet contacted a realtor® when the house across the street went on the market. Bobby was the listing agent. Needless to say we watched the activity across the street with great interest. My wife and I both commented that we had never seen a realtor® work so hard. Bobby held open houses (on Saturday AND Sunday) for several weekends in a row. On one of these weekends, I found the time to play the “nosy neighbor” role and walked over to take a look at the house and visit with Bobby. When I returned, I told my wife that I’d found our realtor®. It was clear to me that Bobby knew his business and was someone that we could work with…We enjoyed working with Bobby during entire process. He gave us the direction we needed to get the house ready to market and he kept the stress level at exactly the right level of intensity until we got it done. During the negotiations, he clearly explained the options and strategies available to us and made recommendations but the final decisions were ours…We are completely satisfied with the experience. Our only regret is that we didn’t get Bobby involved earlier in the process.”  Karl H.

“We signed on our house yesterday and look forward to our new home. It would not have been such an effortless experience if it were not for the exceptional skills of our realtor®, Robert (Bobby) Mello… as a seasoned ‘real estate hobbyist’ I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the building industry, knowledge of property inventory in our neighborhood (building issues/sales values), and his ability to answer my real estate questions that other agents had not been able to provide. Bobby provided valuable information to me with usual vigor for life and I remember thinking that he was passionately involved in his work and was one of the few agents I’ve met over the years that looks forward more to ‘finding the special deal for YOU’,  or even the ‘hunt for THE house’ than to the final end product. He enjoys the ‘adventure’ as much as I do – and real estate is my ‘hobby’, not daily work. It was so refreshing working with Bobby because of his enthusiasm and sincere love of his work…We do feel that Bobby’s experience in ‘dealing’ during the offer/counter process saved us considerable money. He also met several of the service providers at the house (while we were at work) so we could offer the seller official estimates of needed repairs. As he always says enthusiastically, ‘I’m there for you’, well, HE IS!! …I look forward to referring him to friends and I will know that they are getting superb service form a terrific guy who happens to be a top real estate agent!!” Sue. B.


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